Verso Corporation is all set to close its mills in Wisconsin rapids till the end of the July

Verso Corporation is all set to close its mills in Wisconsin rapids till the end of the July

June 13, 2020 0 By Lucy Martin

The mayor of the Wisconsin rapids recently said in an interview that the hundreds of workers, laborers, and employers working in the verso corporation are well aware of the company’s plans. All of the employees and workers of the verso corporation knows that the corporation is planning to shut down its manufacturing work in Wisconsin Rapids. All of the employers know this through the verso paper. Mayor of the Wisconsin Rapids further said that theses peoples are co-operating in the corporation’s future. According to some of the very reliable sources of us and the news release from the verso corporation, the paper mills of Verso Corporation in Duluth and Wisconsin rapids will be stopped working for some of the weeks. According to the higher officials of the verso corporation, the company is seeking better alternatives for these both mills. The company is trying to find cheap resources as the whole economy is under regression due to global pandemic coronavirus.

If in a few weeks the condition of the market gets improved then the company may start it’s a reproduction or may also decide to close their verso paper mills in the Wisconsin circuit court. Currently, the company is facing a huge drop in the demand for graphic papers all because of the global pandemic coronavirus. In these few months, the whole global coronavirus pandemic has shaken the demand chain of the verso corporation and due to this; they decide to shut down their verso paper mills in the Wisconsin Rapids. To prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus the government of the United States of America imposed lockdown all over the nation which resulted in the lack of demand for the graphic papers. As the whole nation is under lockdown so the work in which graphic paper is used is also temporarily shut down such as advertising in several industries and companies, the sports sector, entertainment sector, and tourism sector.

Even nowadays when the lockdown has lifted on from the whole nation, the government has still advised people to stay at home and due to this, the demand-supply is still disturbed. Blaser stated that he is very upset and disappointed that the verso corporation is going to lay off the employees of their corporation who are very hard working. It is sad to hear that the company is going to shut down its verso paper mills in the Wisconsin Rapids. But it was necessary otherwise it would be very hard for the company to survive in this economic regression caused by the global pandemic coronavirus.

If we look at history then we will find out that the production of the paper in this mill was never stopped from the year 1904. It was impossible to believe that a one-day verso corporation will shut down its paper mills in the Wisconsin Rapids. All because of the global pandemic coronavirus, impossible became possible. Krug said all of this while he was very upset about the shutting down of the paper mill by the verso corporation.