The Benefits Of Going Away To Regency Park Hotel This Christmas

The Benefits Of Going Away To Regency Park Hotel This Christmas

September 22, 2021 0 By Joe Hodgson

Business,Travel & Tourism If you have never spent Christmas away from home, you’ve been seriously missing out. Not only will Regency Park Hotel provide you with a health club and gym on site, plus a wealth of delicious banqueting options, but we’ll also take all of the stress out of the holidays for you.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should give a Christmas getaway with us a go. No food shopping necessary It doesn’t matter how prepared you are for Christmas; you’ll still need to go out into the bitter cold to buy the food for Christmas dinner, the drinks for family and guests and all the other snacks for the festive season. By contrast, here at Regency Park Hotel, we will have everything ready for you upon arrival.

You don’t need to wait in long lines to buy a turkey, as we have a range of fabulous meals available at our Watermark restaurant, with plenty of seats for all of our guests, so that you aren’t kept waiting. Someone else is doing the cooking Here at Regency Park Hotel, we won’t ask you to slave away over a stove. Leave the cooking of Christmas dinner to us! Not only are all of our special Christmas menus delicious, we aim to get your meals to your table as quickly as possible. We will be serving a range of traditional festive dishes throughout December, plus various alternatives, including a vegetarian option.

The headache of catering to your family’s tastes will be taken care of by us, so you won’t need to stress out over Christmas dinner this year. There’s plenty of space! If your Christmas typically involves trying to fit all of your family into your house, you will know how claustrophobic it can get and how uncomfortable everyone can feel. We have bedrooms that provide guests with plenty of space in which to move around, while various private dining suites are also available for hire. We can accommodate large parties with ease, so you don’t need to worry about the kids getting restless. Relax with Regency Park Hotel – it’s your time off too We couldn’t be happier that you are considering spending time with us over the Yuletide season! To learn more about all of our Christmas hotel packages or to book a place this festive season, feel free to get in touch today with our friendly and helpful customer service team here at Regency Park Hotel.