Cases of Racism Increases in the USA after the Coronavirus Pandemic

Cases of Racism Increases in the USA after the Coronavirus Pandemic

June 5, 2020 0 By Lucy Martin

Recently in California when a man belonging from the Chinese American origin, got screwed when he was mowing his lawn. According to the local prosecutor, the Chinese man was screamed by the locals to get out of America.

Also one of the recent incidents in the Santa Clara county few of the locals threatened and scared a couple from Vietnam. The locals scared them by turning their hands into the shape of a gun and said if they won’t leave the united sites of America then they will shot them in real. Not only in these states in the New York City also people who were belonging from the Asian origins are getting threatened by the locals of New York City. Not only they are getting threatened, but people are also punching them, kicking them and forcefully pushing them a from the subway trains and buses.

Many people who are from Asian origins have complained about the abuse and treating. In a few cases, they also complained about the locals spitting on them and physically abusing them and beating them. All of this is happening when the coronavirus pandemic has destroyed the lifestyle and economy of the United States of America. When the politicians of the United States of America started blaming China for the spread of the coronavirus infection across the whole world. The officials from the police department and the lawyers working for the preservation of human rights and minority protection have come to know that there is a sudden drastically increases of the hate crime, harassment, spitting, and physical abuse in joined states of America against the Asian people.

An Asian guy said that now his friends and neighbors think that he is some kind of virus which will kill them all. So now his friends and neighbors hate him very much and don’t want to see him in the United States of America.

Let’s understand the impact and area of such cases in detail by considering the example of New York City. Only in New York City there have been more than 15 incidents of physical abuse and hate crime against the people having the Asian origin. Apart from these 15+ cases the advocates working for the preservation of human rights have reported hundreds of incidents of hate crimes against the Asian people. These crimes and the incidents of physical abuse started after February when the coronavirus started infecting the people of the United States of America. Most of these incidents have the anti-Asian feeling and motives behind them.

Due to the sudden increase of Racism cases in the United States of America, police departments of all of the stars are on high alert to deal with this situation. Police officers are announcing in the public malls, subways and at the streets to report to the police station if you see any kind of hate crime or physical abuse against anyone as this is a punishable offense.