USA Is Ready To Open Its Beaches Even After Suffering from Coronavirus Infection

USA Is Ready To Open Its Beaches Even After Suffering from Coronavirus Infection

May 27, 2020 0 By Lucy Martin

Two months’ pause on the visitors is going to be resumed in the Florida Keys from the next month. The restrictions were imposed for almost 2 months banning any visitor to stop the spread of Coronavirus infection among the people.

Another state Monroe County also imposed restrictions on the visitors to avoid any chance of the spread of Coronavirus infection They stated that it was a tough decision to take but it was also necessary to take care of the health and safety of all of the citizens of the state. As per reports and news sources from 1st June, many of the restrictions would be lifted on allowing many hotels, lodges, and rentals to start their service. Reservations and other services will also get started on the 1st of June.

Many swimmers were spotted swimming at the beaches of Australia. Most of the beaches are still practicing social distancing. Beach authorities have made special rules which make sure that the social distancing is practiced among the swimmers and the visitors. Most of the beaches are allowed to open from 7 am to 5 pm for the people who want to swim and for those people who want surfing will have to wait till the weekends. A large number of beaches in Sydney were closed till March 28, but as soon as the summers came the people started gathering at these beaches so officials opened the beaches but only at the condition of practicing social distancing to avoid the spread of Coronavirus infection. But still, the beaches are allowed to handle only 50% of the visitors. The officials have stated that there will be a date soon announced when the restrictions may get lifted.

If we see then we will find that the Florida Keys aren’t only the beach who is allowing visitors and swimmers to come onto the beach. Almost all of the beaches in New Jersey are all set to open and those which aren’t yet open will soon get open for the visitors. Soon all of these beaches will get open and the people would be allowed to come to there.

But if we compare these things with the New York then things aren’t that much good in New York. Recently the mayor of the New York said that on the memorial beaches won’t be opened for the swimmers or surfers. People who want to walk or play on the beaches will only be allowed while practicing social distancing. He also said that it’s not advisable to allow people to go to beaches when the Coronavirus infection is spreading so rapidly causing the death of thousands of the people and making sick millions. There are around 1.4 million confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the United States of America. Around 90 thousand people have lost their lives while fighting with the infection of Coronavirus. Not only the civilians, a large number of doctors, nurses, self-help workers, and police officers are also infected.