8 New Patients of Omicron have been found in the Maharashtra, India, total number of Cases has reached 48.

8 New Patients of Omicron have been found in the Maharashtra, India, total number of Cases has reached 48.

December 19, 2021 0 By Joe Hodgson

The spread of Omicron in the state is a matter of concern. Because, 8 new patients infected with Omicron Patient have been found in the state today.

As a result, the total number of patients in the state affected by Omicron has now reached 48. As a result, Omicron infection is on the rise in the state. So far, 28 patients have been discharged after receiving negative reports.

Out of the total 8 patients found in the state today, 4 patients are from Mumbai Airport, three from Satara and one from Pune, according to the health department. The other three patients are from Chhattisgarh, Kerala and Jalgaon. 3 people from Satara had traveled to South Africa. One of the three patients is an 8-year-old girl.

‘Once again, no deaths were reported in Mumbai today’

On the other hand, the good news is that no deaths have been reported in Mumbai today. The first zero-death was recorded in Mumbai on October 17, 2021, after the spread of Covid-19 in March 2020. This is the third death toll in Mumbai since December. Earlier this month, there were zero deaths on December 11 and December 15.

Mumbai Municipal Corporation issues new instructions

Omicron infection is spreading rapidly around the world, putting a huge strain on the health system. Despite repeated appeals by the government and administration not to allow the third wave of Covid to occur, it is being observed that it is not being followed properly in most places. Especially in wedding ceremonies and other ceremonies, the rules are being broken. Therefore, all the citizens should abide by the limits set by the government, avoid any kind of crowd, wear masks and follow the rules of Covid, everyone should complete vaccination, appealed Municipal Corporation Iqbal Singh Chahal. He also warned that strict action will be taken against those violating these rules by the departmental level teams of the corporation as well as the police administration.

Follow these instructions of State Government

>> Any event / ceremony / event held in a closed hall, only 50 per cent of the total capacity of the hall is allowed to be attended.
>> For open / open space events / ceremonies / activities only 25% of the capacity of the space will be allowed to attend. However, if more than one thousand people are expected to attend any event in an open space, it is imperative to give prior approval to the local Disaster Management Authority.
>> All hotels, restaurants, cinemas, all other government and private establishments, etc., all places, including the rules of attendance should be strictly followed Kovid prohibition instructions.
>> All eligible citizens must complete their vaccination by taking both doses of covid vaccine. Only those who have completed covid vaccination in other public places, including public transport, will be eligible. Otherwise action will be taken as per rules.
>> Vaccination of all manpower working in public places / establishments as well as all attendees at events / ceremonies must be completed. If it is found to be in violation, appropriate punitive action will be taken against the concerned establishments as per the rules.
>> Proper use of masks, regular hand hygiene and safe keeping distance, timely cleaning and disinfection of all premises / rooms / >> toilets.
Iqbal Singh Chahal has once again appealed on behalf of the administration to refrain from organizing parties for Christmas, New Year’s reception, not to crowd in the ceremonies, and to keep cowardly behavior.