What is Corona new variant ‘Omicron’ know more about it

What is Corona new variant ‘Omicron’ know more about it

November 28, 2021 0 By Joe Hodgson

While corona seems to have been defeated, a new corona virus is spreading in Africa. He has been known as New in the last few days. But the World Health Organization (WHO) has named it Omicron. Experts say the new incarnation of the Corona is even more dangerous than the second wave delta.

We have not yet found a single patient infected with Omicron. But it cannot be said that he will not be found. That is why the state governments, including the central government, have been asked to remain alert. In particular, the prevalence of corona is high in Kerala and Maharashtra. Against that background, it is very important to be vigilant.

What exactly is the Omicron virus?

Omicron (B.1.1.529) is a new type of corona and is more lethal than delta. What is special is that it is constantly changing. He was first found this month in the African country of Botswana. It was later found in six countries, including South Africa, Mozambique and Estonia. The number of new corona patients has risen to more than two and a half thousand in the last week.

The virus is spreading rapidly and has been shown to be highly contagious. In particular, studies have shown that Omicron can be infected even after being vaccinated. That is why the risk of omicron is even higher than that of the delta, which is the cause of death in the second wave.

Where is it happening?

Following the explosion of a new corona in Africa, England and Israel have banned flights from six African countries. Including South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swanity. Portugal, the world’s most vaccinated country, has declared a state of emergency due to overcrowding. Restrictions imposed. The Czech Republic seems to be in a state of lockdown. The number of new patients in Germany, France and USA is also in the millions. That is why the new corona shocked the world once again.

How will the new corona be tested?

The virus is found in almost every country in Africa. In Germany, the ordeal of death has taken place. The number of patients has gone up to 72,000 and 381 new deaths have been reported. In France, 34,000 new corona patients were found. All these figures are frightening.

If this virus is so deadly then the question naturally arises. So the answer is, the new corona will be tested just as it is now. Therefore, experts say that there is no need for a new testing method for the new virus. Therefore, only RTPCR test will check. Costs are unlikely to increase.