India: Stay safe during festivals; Pm Modi appeal to the citizens, The war against Corona is not over yet

India: Stay safe during festivals; Pm Modi appeal to the citizens, The war against Corona is not over yet

October 23, 2021 0 By Joe Hodgson

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today interacted with the people of the country as the country has crossed the milestone of 100 crore vaccinations. No matter how good the shield is, no matter how modern it is, no matter how much security is guaranteed, do not lay down your arms as long as the Corona War continues. Get out of the house wearing a mask. Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed to be more vigilant during festivals.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with the media today. This time he appealed to the countrymen. October 21, 2021 is a day in history. India yesterday crossed the 100 crore dose of vaccine. The country has a strong protective shield of 100 crore doses of vaccines to face the biggest global outbreak in the last 100 years. This is a great achievement of India, of every citizen of India, said Modi.

Recorded vaccination without any discrimination. Corona did not allow any VIP culture to enter the preventive vaccination. The country once again showed that the strength of Made in India is the greatest, saying that all the countrymen make efforts in this. Don’t put down your weapon until the war starts, keep wearing the mask. Like you don’t go out of the house without putting on shoes. Modi also appealed not to go out of the house without wearing a mask.

100 crore vaccine dose is not just a figure. So it is a reflection of the strength of the country. The beginning of a new chapter. The beginning of a new India. It is India’s goal to achieve the difficult goal. India has met the target of Rs 100 crore. It is being compared to other countries. It is also being appreciated. What matters is how you get started. Other countries were involved in the development of the vaccine. We also depend on these countries. Therefore, India also depended on him. Many questions arose after the epidemic. Will India develop corona vaccine? How will India take care of its people? The question was whether everyone would be vaccinated. But India vaccinated everyone. Given for free. No amount was taken, he said.