How to use WhatsApp Without Internet? Learn Process

How to use WhatsApp Without Internet? Learn Process

October 21, 2021 0 By Joe Hodgson

In this age of internet now any work seems almost impossible without internet. Smartphones, computers, laptops, if left out of people’s lives, many people can now be ‘crazy’, because people have become accustomed to it. Whether you want to get information about anything from Google at home or watch your favorite videos, movies, etc., if you have internet then all these are possible while sitting at home.

Now most of the people have started having smartphones and having a smartphone means that it must have internet in it, because without it your phone will be like a fish without water. Smartphone and internet, if you have these two things, then WhatsApp becomes the most important. People usually think that in order to run WhatsApp, it is necessary to have internet in the mobile, while this is not the case at all. You can use WhatsApp even without internet.

Sometimes due to lack of internet in mobile, people start thinking about how to send a photo or video to someone on WhatsApp. So there is a way you can use it

To use WhatsApp without internet, you have to buy a special SIM card called Chatsim. You can also buy this SIM by visiting an e-commerce website or Chatsim’s website.

Chatsim is priced at Rs 1,800 and its validity is one year, i.e. at Rs 1,800 you can use this SIM for one year and without internet you can use apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, V Chat, Telegram. The SIM needs to be recharged after one year.

The uniqueness of Chatsim is that it will fit in any mobile phone and it will work everywhere from the country to abroad, i.e. wherever you are, through Chatsim you can always be active on WhatsApp.