Google Keywords of Aryan Khan; Did Google delete keywords related to ‘Aryan Khan’

Google Keywords of Aryan Khan; Did Google delete keywords related to ‘Aryan Khan’

October 19, 2021 0 By Joe Hodgson

Aryan Khan, son of Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan, is currently in Arthur Road Jail. Aryan Khan has been arrested in the drugs case. After the arrest of Aryan Khan, there has been a ruckus and many political parties have also opposed it. Aryan Khan’s arrest is a high-profile case. In such a situation, a lot of searches are being done on Google regarding this matter, but during this search a big change is also visible due to which people have started doubting the work of Google.

Aryan Khan keyword suggestions not coming in Google search

Usually, whenever you search for a keyword in Google, related keywords also appear below that keyword, but in the case of Aryan Khan, the opposite is happening. For example, if you search Suhana Khan in Google, then you will have related keywords like Suhana Khan age, Suhana Khan height, Suhana Khan movie, Suhana Khan instagram, Suhana Khan look alike, Suhana Khan photos, Suhana Khan date of birth. But if you search Aryan Khan, then the related keywords will not appear even, although keywords like aryan khan bail, aryan khan case, aryan khan age, aryan khan latest, aryan khan update are being searched in Google trends. You can see both the screenshots below to understand.

Reasons for not appearing in search results

Now the big question here is that when searching any keyword in Google, related keywords come up, then why is no related keyword coming up in case of Aryan Khan. Is it managed by Shah Rukh Khan’s PR team in collaboration with Google? There is also a possibility that the keywords related to Aryan Khan have been removed from Google. This is also the case on YouTube. Aryan Khan keyword search on YouTube does not show any related keywords.