Facebook new policy: harassment Posts against someone will be banned

Facebook new policy: harassment Posts against someone will be banned

October 17, 2021 0 By Joe Hodgson

Every day someone or the other is trolled on social media, which is not right. Despite all the efforts on the part of social media companies, online harassment is not decreasing, although Facebook is now going to take tough steps regarding harassment on its platform. Facebook has said that it will change its policies that will prove effective against harassment on the platform.

Last week, former Facebook data scientist Frances Haugen told Congress that Facebook does not fully fulfill its responsibility to stop the spread of harmful content and harassing content on its platform. The company often ignores the benefits of the users for its own benefit.

Facebook’s new policy against harassment will curb content that defames and trolls public figures, including celebrities and elected officials. The new policy will provide protection from harassment to celebrities, journalists and human rights activists around the world. It is usually heard many times that a human rights activist is trolled on social media.

Under the new policy, all those content will be banned through which an attempt is made to harass a person continuously. Antigone Davis, Facebook’s global security chief, wrote in his blog, “We do not allow bullying and harassment of any kind on our platform, and we take action when it happens.”