If blood pressure increase in this type of people in midnight; they will die

If blood pressure increase in this type of people in midnight; they will die

October 13, 2021 0 By Joe Hodgson

Diabetes is a chronic disease that requires constant monitoring of blood sugar levels to stay healthy and control symptoms. But it is equally important for a person with type 1 and type 2 diabetes to control their blood pressure levels in order to live a long and healthy life. According to a recent 21-year study recently presented in the American Heart Association’s Hypertension Scientific, people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes who have high BP at night should be wary.

Because an elevated BP at night can kill them. People who have high or low blood pressure at night have twice as much BP as those with high blood pressure. If you also have diabetes, you also need to be more careful than before.

Blood pressure usually drops during sleep at night. If the blood pressure does not drop enough at night, it is called non-dipping. If BP starts rising at night instead of during the day, this condition is called reverse dipping. This abnormally high blood pressure is responsible for heart problems and increased risk of death in people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Therefore, experts advise people with diabetes to control their BP.

Studies show that 1 in 10 people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes may have a reverse dipper problem. “Every specialist should check for abnormal blood pressure in people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes,” says Martina Chiriako, an investigator in the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine at the University of Pisa in Italy. According to Martina, this condition can double the risk of death regardless of BP control.

In 1999, researchers studied 359 people with diabetes in Pisa, Italy. The researchers found that more than half of the participants had high blood pressure at night. Of these, 20 percent of participants were on reverse dippers. They also observed that about one-third of people suffer from reverse dipped cardiac autonomic neuropathy.

Cardiac autonomic neuropathy is a serious complication or condition of diabetes in which the nerves that control the heart and blood vessels are completely damaged. These bad nerves have a negative effect on the function of controlling blood pressure and heart rate. Which then increases the risk of death and heart-related problems.

The study also found that people with reverse dippers lived 2.5 years shorter than non-dippers. Non-dippers were 1.1 years less likely to survive. The problem of high blood pressure has been seen in many diabetic patients.

Diabetes causes damage to blood vessels. Sometimes diabetes causes the body’s blood vessels to harden. This stage is called atherosclerosis. This causes the blood pressure to rise. Combining or combining high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes increases the risk of heart stroke or heart attack many times over.

How to control blood pressure? 

1.Control of salt intake: Patients with high blood pressure should keep their diet low in salt. This does not mean that you should not eat salt or weed. But long-stored foods, hotel-made foods, crisps, chips, etc. are high in salt. That is why eating such foods should be avoided.

2.Fresh vegetables and fruits: The daily diet should include fresh vegetables, fruits as well as low-fat milk and dairy products.

3.Cereals: Dietary fiber is the main source of all types of cereals. Incorporating cereals in the diet increases the amount of fiber in the body and helps in controlling blood pressure.

4.Fish: A person who eats fish is not at risk of high blood pressure. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.

5.Coffee: It is important to control coffee consumption. Drinking two or more cups of coffee a day can cause high blood pressure.

6.Alcohol: Alcohol is an invitation to high blood pressure. Therefore, the health of a person who drinks alcohol is at risk.

7.Weight: Due to obesity, diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes etc. come easily. Eating a healthy diet and exercising a lot is the key to real weight loss.

8.Exercise regularly: Exercise for at least 45 minutes every day. You can exercise like walking, running, swimming, cycling etc. Weight training should be done at least twice a week. Even if you do not lose weight with regular exercise, keep in mind that exercise is beneficial for controlling high blood pressure.

9.Blood pressure should be checked from time to time on the day prescribed by the doctor